Two Incredible Products to Help Your NOI

Posted By: Michael Fazio, CAS News,

Do you want to help increase your portfolio's NOI, improve operations, and look like a rockstar to your owners? If you said yes to all three questions these wonderful tools may just help you achieve all three:

NAA Click & Lease: Over 25,000 properties representing close to 6 million units currently use NAA Click & Lease program. It's a web-based leasing program, offered exclusively to members of NAA and its affiliates. It's powerful and easy-to-use and allows an apartment community to save time and money by speeding up preparation and printing of legal documents.

NAA Click & Comply: With a single source of communication for all things operations, NAA Click & Comply will reduce the number of less efficient, costly systems and processes, and consolidate those into one place for convenience, ease of use, time savings and transparency.and provides a single source of daily guidance for onsite teams while offering real-time visibility into what’s happening, or not happening at your properties.