Iowa still has $18 million to help tenants avoid evictions

Guidance for COVID-19,

COVID-19 Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention Program

Renters and Homeowners who previously received $600 unemployment benefit now eligible to apply for rent and mortgage assistance

Now, at-risk Iowans are facing dire housing challenges as they confront large rent and mortgage payments that compounded during state and federal moratoriums.

Combined with the $600 in federal unemployment benefits going away, Iowa may see mass evictions these next few months.

Barriers to being eligible for the program

To be eligible for funds from IFA, Iowans have to meet a number of criteria.

Iowans must not receive the $600 federal unemployment benefit and their income must not exceed 80% of median family income at the time they file their applications. They also must be at risk of eviction of foreclosure on or after March 17, 2020, to show their burden is COVID-19 related.

The primary reason people are denied from the program is that they had been receiving the additional $600 weekly benefits, said Ashley Jared, spokesperson for Iowa Finance Authority.

The other common reasons are incomplete information on the application and no COVID-19 related loss of income, Jared said.

IFA is reexamining the eligibility criteria now that Iowans will not have their $600 a week for the time being, Jared said.

McPartland said she doesn’t refer clients to the IFA program because of its restrictions.

“The guidelines — you just can’t meet them,” McPartland said.

Beyond meeting the eligibility criteria, the program requires landlords to verify the application within 10 days or else it’s denied. Landlords are directly sent the money from IFA. Read more...>>

COVID-19 Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention Program