Nominations Open!

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2022 Board of Director Candidates

Sharon Wolfe CAM, CAPS
District Manager, Newbury Living

Jason Marrs CAM, CAPS
Senior Property Manager, Haverkamp Properties

Jami Marple Paralegal Certification, CAM
Property Manager, Conlin Properties

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Nominations must be submitted by October 22nd, 2021.


The GIAA Board of Directors is the perfect opportunity to grow as a professional, build
your peer network, and give back to the rental industry by leading and guiding the resources
and services that the Association provides the membership as well as the community. 

Voting is HYBRID and begins November 2

via electronic ballot; OR in person at the November 11th MIXER.

*Only 1 vote per individual

Installation November 11, 2021 

2022 Board Openings:

Vice President, Executive Committee

Treasurer, Executive Committee

Director, Legislative Chair

Director, Public Relations

2023 Openings:

President, Executive Committee

Secretary, Executive Committee

Supplier Chair, Executive Committee

Director, Membership Chair

Director,  Education Chair

2023 Non Board Positions 

Maintenance Mania Event Chair

Tradeshow Event Chair

Pinnacle Event Chair

Serving on the GIAA Board of Directors is a voluntary, non-monetary compensated position which involves supporting the multifamily housing industry through growth of the Association.  Service includes participation in Board Meetings, attending Association meetings and events, participating as a board liaison on committees, encouraging participation in membership activities, practicing good business by utilizing members' products/services, promoting new membership, among other duties.

The term for serving is two years beginning at the Annual Meeting.  The GIAA Board of Directors typically meet on the last Tuesday bi-monthly for approximately 60 minutes, but additional meetings may be called at the discretion of the President. The Board tries to keep to these meeting times, but on occasion the meeting may be prolonged or a special meeting may be called.  Attendance to these meeting is essential as a quorum is required to approve the passage and direct the operations of the GIAA.

Additional Criteria (Officer Positions):

There will be two Officer positions to be filled for the 2022-23 Executive Committee.  

The Nominating Committee will review, consider, and/or interview nominees during the month of October 2021.

All candidates (supplier or management) are asked to submit the following by Friday, October 22, 2021

  • A completed electronic nomination form here.
  • A letter from your immediate supervisor and/or upper management stating that you will be given the time necessary to completely fulfill the duties of a director on the Board.  Officers, senior management or owners of companies are exempt from this requirement.  (The GIAA Board meets bi-monthly on the last Tuesday of the month at 2:00 pm, but additional meetings may be called at the discretion of the President.

Annual Meeting Information

The election of the Board of Directors will take place at the Annual Meeting and Mixer on Thursday, November 11, 2021.  Winners will be installed that day. Nominations are open for each position; nominations can be submitted via the form here.

Board Nominations

  • Nominations must be submitted by a Member of the Association.
  • Only Members can be nominated
  • The Nomination Committee will review nominations
  • Nominations must be in writing via this form
  • When nominating a member, you must include a position. 

Before nominating a member, you should notify the member of your desire to nominate them and verify their interest. It is not a good practice to nominate people without their permission. Nominee email addresses are needed to complete the nominee form. 

Voting and Electing the Board 

  • All votes must be cast 1 week prior electronically; OR AT the in person Annual Meeting Mixer. Please register:
  • A quorum of 20% of membership shall be required. Membership must be at the meeting in order for the vote to be valid. Under extenuating circumstances (ex. stay-at-home orders), a proxy vote may be held in lieu of a present in person vote.
  • Votes will be conducted by secret ballot – unless there is only one nomination per-position.     

Board Qualifications

President: Persons serving as President must be from the Owner/Operator Membership. President must meet the qualifications having previously held another position on the board and 5 hours of leadership training annually.

Vice President: Vice President must be from the Owner/Operator Membership or an Associate Member with at least 5 years of Owner/Operator experience.

All Positions: Must be members of the Association in good standing. 

Board Responsibilities

Board members are expected to attend/participate in monthly meetings and membership events. Board members govern the association, are liaisons on committees, and volunteer where needed. Board members should have a passion for the Association and the Industry.


Nominations must be submitted by October 22nd, 2021


Questions?  Please contact Christy Steva, Executive Director/Board Liaison, via email or by calling 866-562-4422